Michelle Belanger (sethanikeem) wrote,
Michelle Belanger

My Day in a Nutshell

My updates from the past 24 hours:

  • 14:21 All that work on the house & for the moment I'm off on another case with @The_PRS. But looks like I get the weekend at home! #
  • 00:10 It's pretty hot for Alaska, Chief. You sure about our location? @Ryan_Buell #
  • 00:16 Cornelius with his "why must I suffer this indignity?" face. twitpic.com/25e50x #
  • 02:02 This amorphous mop is Mr. ChiChi, a 22+ year-old poodle. twitpic.com/25euqx #
Keep track of where I'll be in the coming weeks!
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