Michelle Belanger (sethanikeem) wrote,
Michelle Belanger

Social Networking Overload

Social networking sites. There are too damned many of them. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LJ, and now YouTube and even iTunes seem to be getting in on it. There is such a thing as being too connected, in my opinion. I like all my virtual friends just fine, but I also really like my space and privacy.

I haven't logged in here for a while. For those of you still using lj regularly, I apologize for that. But I gotta say, I've not really enjoyed lj since the Russian company took things over. The ads are more invasive and that nasty program that my computer parses as spyware that pops up every few pages when searching back through my friends' list ... well, that's really irritating.

So I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to last on here.

The good news is that I'll soon have an RSS feed and a journal embedded on my website at http://www.michellebelanger.com

I post a lot over on Twitter these days, as I can do that easily from my phone on the road. I can't always count on having easy access to my laptop when I'm filming, but we can usually get away with texting when not on camera. It's probably why you see so many TV people on Twitter, really.

I've never gotten the hang of Facebook. Made an account and haven't been able to log into it -- and I'm so lukewarm about FB that I barely even care. There are fanpages for me on FB -- one of which is operated by the artist for my Tarot deck, http://www.spiralfirestudio.com -- thus anything that gets posted on there is coming from me.

I am also about two steps away from ignoring my MySpace, simply for a lack of any ease of navigation when sorting through who's friended me & been friended back. I just don't have the time to dig through pages upon pages of people just to find specific people to send messages or whatever to.

So, pretty much, look for me mostly over on Twitter. It's short and sweet and occasionally a little random, depending on how jet-lagged and sleep-deprived my schedule keeps me. Hard to be very deep and philosophical in 140 characters, but at least I can use it to shoot up a flare now and then to let people know what I'm doing.

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